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What Does Pride Do? A Feelings Town Webinar

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For its final webinar, Feeling Towns brought together a set of expert speakers and respondents to answer the question: “What does pride do?”

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The UK Government has enshrined “pride in place” as one of its 12 ‘Levelling Up’ missions. “Civic” and “local” pride is increasingly cited in public policy: it serves to reanimate declining high streets, attract economic investment, boost tourism and celebrate festivals such as UK City of Culture.

Despite this political engagement, the way people feel about where they live remains relatively undefined and under-examined in policy documents and practice. What do we expect to happen if we increase pride in place? How will measuring pride in place lead to better decision making? What do community organisations need to address pride in place?

Responding to these questions, the University of Southampton’s Institute for Arts and Humanities (SIAH) has developed a knowledge exchange project, Feeling Towns, funded by the AHRC. Working with partners including Historic England, Darlington Borough Council, Rural Media, and Southampton City Council, this project offers conceptual, practical and critical expertise on the subject of pride.

The event will include short presentations from perspectives and disciplines across policy, practice and research. A Q&A and discussion will follow. Speakers and respondents include:

Charlie Ingram (Coventry University)

Sarah Bartley (University of Reading)

Jack Shaw (Institute for Public Policy Research)

James Harrison (Community Ownership Fund)


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