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WATCH NOW | Black History Month Lecture 2023: In conversation with Tolúlọpẹ́ Ògúnrẹ̀mí

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Recording of this talk is now available online! To celebrate Black History Month 2023 - Tolúlọpẹ́ Ògúnrẹ̀mí, Outstanding Alumni Award Winner, spoke with with Pascal Matthias about her academic and professional career, and about her mission in founding Coders of Colour. Click on "View Details" to access the recording.

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This year, Black History Month was dedicated to honouring the achievements of Black women who are often the forgotten heroines – amplifying their voices and challenging the systems that oppress them.

Tolúlọpẹ́ Ògúnrẹ̀mí recently won the Rising Star Award as part of the University of Southampton’s 2023 Outstanding Alumni Awards for her work with Coders of Colour.

The mission of this organisation is both powerful and inspiring: “…an organisation aimed at empowering and enabling young underrepresented people of colour to pursue a career in tech by providing them with a safe space for them to learn, explore and grow”.

This online event celebrates Tolúlọpẹ́ and her work success with Coders of Colour. She talks  with Pascal Matthias, Associate Vice President for EDI and Social Justice at the University of Southampton.



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