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Three generations of Southampton alumni

  • The residents of South Hill (later to become Chamberlain Hall).

  • Barbara: “I was a keen hockey player and have happy memories of when the whole of the athletics union would go in coaches en masse to play against other universities, such as Exeter.” (1956; Barbara is front right)

  • Peter: “There were lots of good times sailing on Southampton Water with the University’s sailing club – in February, unable to feel hands, feet, or anything else due to the cold; wetsuits were still in their infancy.”

  • Suzanne: “I remember also some fun balls at Connaught Hall; Acker Bilk came one year.” (1982)

  • Suzanne: “There was no sports centre in my time, and many of the recent buildings replaced houses.” (1982)

  • James’s PhD graduation (2016) – left to right: Andrew, Barbara, James, Suzanne.