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Looking back: Brian and Joan Bunday

  • Brian and Joan at school circa 1952

    The air raid shelters used for lessons during World War II are in the background

  • Joan's French group (1954-1957)

  • Joan's French group at the Sorbonne in 1956

    Left to right: Ted Loader, Audrey Smale, Violet Easton, Joan Urry, Arther James, Jacqui Warren, Jo Lord, John Hurman

  • Brian and Joan's wedding in 1957

  • Brian and Joan at the University in 1958

  • Brian's PhD graduation in 1960

  • Brian's Mathematics group at a reunion in 2004

    Left to right: Ken Maynard, Sheila Penfold, Ray Finch, Frank Rhodes (staff), Brian Bunday, Brian Hannant, Keith Howell, Arno Deike (staff), Gerry Webb

  • Joan's French group at a reunion in 2004

    Left to right: Ted Loader, Jo Lord, Jacqui Warren, John Hurman, Joan Urry, Audrey Smale, Arther James, Katie Hall (front; staff)

  • Brian and Joan at their diamond wedding anniversary in 2017

  • Brian and Joan cutting their diamond wedding anniversary cake