Graduates reconnect in Malaysia

Graduates from the class of 2016 joined members of faculty and senior management to reconnect and network at the first of the University of Southampton Malaysia Campus reunions, which took place at the Sheraton Imperial Kuala Lumpur.

Professor John McBride, Chief Executive Officer of the Malaysia Campus, welcomed alumni back for the event: “We are very proud of the success you have achieved in your respective fields and we thank you for carrying on the legacy of excellence and setting a fine example for current Southampton students,” he said.

The reunion allowed guests to reminisce over the experiences they have shared together at both the Malaysia and UK campuses.

‘‘One thing I learned from university is the importance of communication. At my company, I get to work with people from different disciplines – manufacturing, designing and project management. Every day is different so I always get to learn new things, which is really great!’’ Currently with Rolls-Royce, Jeremy Fong (MEng Mechanical Engineering with Aerospace, 2016) is working with the Fuel Spray Nozzle team (Research and Technology), mostly doing structural analysis, investigation and design work.

‘‘For me, being a lady engineer is not at all difficult,’’ shared Stephanie Teow (MEng Mechanical Engineering, 2016) who works with CCW Associates, a consultancy firm in Singapore, which specialises in acoustics, noise and vibration control. ‘‘What I have done at university is exactly what I am doing right now – doing endless calculations, simulations and predictions, and working with many people.  I think the only stark difference between university and work is that I no longer focus on marks. I am now concerned on how my decisions affect lives.’’

Mr Siew Yap Wong, former Managing Director of Linde Malaysia was guest keynote speaker for the reunion. He praised the graduates’ hard work and confidence, and remarked on the successful growth of the programmes: “There is always a deep sense of camaraderie when a class gets together. It’s wonderful to connect with young professionals and inspire them.”

Established in 2012, the Malaysia Campus provides world-class engineering programmes. Offering a unique student experience, the University enables students to spend their first two years in Malaysia followed by two years at Southampton.

If you are interested in making your return to campus, we can help you organise your own reunion events for you and your alumni friends. Find out more on our website.

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