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The friendship of a lifetime

  • Outside their lodgings in Harborough Road (1967) - left to right: Hilary, Maria (the landlady’s daughter), Vivien (on the floor), Diana, Pamela, and Mrs Ellis (the landlady)

  • Outside the Nuffield Theatre (1968) - left to right: Diana, Pamela, Alain (Diana’s French penfriend), Hilary, and Vivien

  • Riot police in Paris (1968)

  • Glen Eyre (1970)

  • The group (2010) - left to right: Vivien, Diana, Alan (Vivien’s husband), Hilary, Pamela

  • Their 50th anniversary in Stratford-upon-Avon (2017) - left to right: Hilary, Vivien, Pamela, Diana

  • Vivien’s 70th birthday (2018) - left to right: Diana, Vivien, Hilary, Pamela