Southampton Graduate Ambassadors

Find below a list of our Graduate Ambassadors based in Southampton. These graduates are from the years 2020, 2021 and 2022. If you’re interested in involving some of our Graduate Ambassadors for an event or activity at the University, please get in touch with

Some of our Graduates are from a Widening Participation and Social Mobility background if you are interested in involving them in a specific event please get in touch on the above email.

Zemzem Sonmez – BSc Chemistry 2021

As a previous widening participation student who has been involved in a variety of different activities throughout my University life and beyond, I have a strong interest in supporting widening participation schemes like Ignite. I would also be interested in sharing my experiences or offering career/internship insights and would be interested in sharing my story on larger social platforms such as a podcast or webinar.

Skills: I am confident, enjoy public speaking and have had good practice throughout my life including pitching a start-up idea to over 140 people. I have strong leadership, design and management skills having led various successful projects and schemes including the set up and running of the Graduate Ambassador Scheme. I’m an avid advocate for equality, inclusion and diversity and champion inclusion in every aspect of my life, working and personal, with a strong passion for helping others.

Project Support Officer at the University Hospitals Southampton.

Jennifer Harris – BA English 2020

I’d like to give advice to people close to graduating from the university, about finding jobs and how best to prepare yourself for life after university.

Skills: I’m well versed in giving degree advice, having worked as a Conversion Ambassador during my last year, where we answered applicants’ questions online using the UniBuddy app. I also lived in halls all 3 years of my degree, so have first-hand experience of the various elements that come with choosing accommodation.

Admissions Assistant at the University of Southampton.

Sachin Choudhary – MSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics 2022

I can share my degree experience and its importance with other students. I can share my viewpoint of being a student in the university and how the university helps me to enhance my overall skill including both technical and soft skills.

Skills: I always feel confident when talking with new people. Always open to new challenges and ready to learn new things. Ability to take a logical and analytical approach to solve problems and resolving issues.

Pricing Analyst at Utmost International, Southampton.

Alexander Petrov – PhD Electrical Engineering 2020

I’d be suited to help with degree and careers advice regarding degrees both at university and after that, as well as help with navigating student life (of which I have a long and varied experience).

Skills: Generally, I pride on my ability to work independently and produce results through integrity, commitment and consideration towards the goal, intended user and the environment. More specifically as a Graduate Ambassador, I feel confident talking about the lessons I’ve learned throughout my personal, student and professional life, and am happy to do so at any time. I can be a successful tutor about topics I am knowledgeable in, including 1-on-1s, which I have fostered as a ‘senior’ in university societies and at work.

Power Systems Project Engineer at UK Atomic Energy Authority.

Bitsy Pout – BSc Environmental Science 2022

I will help by giving degree advice, taking part in student life talks, talking about degrees to save the world, and the importance of societies and activities.

Skills: I am a confident public speaker, as I have spoken in public as part of a government advisory board. I have also been required to do multiple public speaking assessments as part of my degree. I am also good at organising people, demonstrated by being a manager at the Students’ Union.

Studying a master’s degree in biodiversity and conservation at the University of Southampton.

Nwoke Emmanuel Awucha – MSc Public Health 2021

I look forward to serving as a reliable and friendly guide to prospective and current students most especially international students on how to successfully navigate their way through the experience of a new culture, as well as advice on how to achieve success here at the University of Southampton. 

Skills: Personally, strong communication and listening skills are my strength. I have guided new students through adjusting to the university life as communications personnel during my undergraduate days. I formed and led a team that designed extra-curricular activities aimed at answering the questions of new students, supporting with course registrations and accommodation issues.  My problem-solving also facilitated my being selected as the university representative for the Commonwealth Scholarship awardees at the University.

Visiting Researcher at Kingston University in Pharmaceutical Chemistry.

Xuelin Cai – MSc Marketing Analytics 2022

I’d like to make use of my personal experience to give degree advice. In addition, I’d love to take part in student life talks as well.

Skills: I am confident in communicating with people due to my working experience. I worked as an alumni caller at the university, as well as a peer advisor. I enjoy communicating with people, and sharing experience. 

Peer Adviser at the Southampton Business School.

Manal Tijou – MSc Marketing Management 2022

I think I have lived an exceptional but difficult year as a student at Soton. I have so many advices and stories to share with current students and current ambassadors. I think, the way I will help will be mostly through one to one meetings and advice, career tips, but mostly motivational and encouraging speeches that would motivate students that are going through difficult times. Taking part in student life talk is important.

Skills: I am a good communicator, giving motivational and encouraging advice. I’ve always wanted to help or just talk to pass my point across. I am confident at speaking in public. I believe in unity and teamwork. I am a good teamplayer and listener. I have gained this through many courses during both my undergraduate degree and graduate degree.

Working as a Content Executive with Inbox Insight, Winchester.

Shobana Guruviah – MSc Diabetes Best Practice 2021

I am very patient in listening to your worries and giving practical solutions be it your career, studies, exams, or your personal life too! I would help with any doubts you have, either how to write a paper or where to get good food or affordable meal!

Skills: I am very practical and good to maintain confidentiality. I have been a mentor for undergraduates for the past few years, so would easily understand your worries.

Paediatric Senior Clinical Fellow in Croydon University Hospital.

Lewis McGhee – MEng Electrical and Electronic Engineering 2022

I feel I can offer really valuable experience on both studying at University as well as studying Engineering. I am already a part of multiple Electronic charities to help get more young people interested in STEM. I am enthusiastic about everything that I do and I am extremely keen to meet and chat with new students, give them advice, and discuss my experience so far.

Skills: I have frequently presented in front of large crowds of people, including in front of thousands as part of an annual prize giving event. During my studies I also had a total of three part time jobs alongside my intense university degree, which I feel reflects my time management and organisation skills, as well as my willingness and drive to help and become involved wherever I can.

Graduate Electronics Engineer at Leonardo UK, Southampton.

Jess Boxall – BSc Biomedical Sciences with Year in Employment 2021

I am able to help give advice on many aspects of University life: from degree help to placement advice, from society to accommodation suggestions. I am also happy to talk through my career so far and offer any help I can. I took part in a careers mentorship programme at the University for first generation students, so I can discuss my experience and pass on the knowledge I was fortunately given.

Skills: I believe I have a lot of knowledge I can impart from different experiences; being on a society committee, completing a placement year, beginning my graduate career. I am also very good at speaking to people, as my current role ensures I speak to lots of different people every week and I previously mentored students through our ‘Family’ programme in BioSoc.

CORE eCRF Data Analyst at CIRU (The Clinical Informatics Research Unit) and pursuing an MSc in Public Health & Nutrition at the University of Southampton.

Bitangshu Dutta – MSc Engineering Materials 2022

I will be able to help by sharing my own experience as a postgraduate engineering student, and helping people understand from my experience that what to do and what not to. During my studies I developed more self confidence, because the level of study and knowledge sharing I got in the University is impeccable. 

Skills: I have leadership skills and enjoy motivating people. 

Assistant Scientist with Coopervision, Hamble-le-Rice.

Sherif Attia – BEng Electronic Engineering 2022

I have spoken to many prospectus students over the years regarding studies, student-life balance, finances, etc. I’m more than happy to share my experiences in ECS but more notably on how to manage your studies with things they don’t teach you at school, specifically with taking action on your career. I have done two internships now, and I’m considering taking a step further by doing a master’s and specialising further in my field before going into the industry.

Skills: I’m very enthusiastic and always open up with plenty of advice. I’m very happy with my public speaking skills and communication skills, as I’ve been involved in various Student Ambassador roles in addition to leading a mixture of presentations as a Committee member in multiple clubs.

Research Assistant/Lead Technician at ECS, part of GLACSWEB for Glacier Monitoring in Iceland.

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