Southampton Graduate Ambassadors

Find below a list of our Graduate Ambassadors based in Southampton. These graduates are from the years 2020 & 2021. If you’re interested in involving some of our Graduate Ambassadors for an event or activity at the University, please get in touch with

Some of our Graduates are from a Widening Participation and Social Mobility background if you are interested in involving them in a specific event please get in touch on the above email.

Jennifer Harris – BA English, 2020

I’d like to give advice to people close to graduating from the university, about finding jobs and how best to prepare yourself for life after university.

Skills: I’m well versed in giving degree advice, having worked as a Conversion Ambassador during my last year, where we answered applicants’ questions online using the UniBuddy app. I also lived in halls all 3 years of my degree, so have first-hand experience of the various elements that come with choosing accommodation.

Works as an Administrative assistant at the University of Southampton.

Maureen Usiagwu – MSc Operational Research and Finance, 2021

I am confident in participating at Career fairs and having one-to-one sessions with students at career fairs, I can also talk at panel sessions sharing my experience and telling my story. I am confident in CV writing for students and recent graduates. I get commended on mine and have been able to assist some friends to revamp theirs.

Skills: I am a very people inclined person and over the years I’ve realized it comes easy to make people feel relaxed around me and I truly enjoy coaching and guiding people especially as it relates to career and harnessing opportunities.

Working as a People Strategy Intern with UNFPA (United Nations Population Fund) which includes international virtual working.

Sachin Choudhary – MSc Supply Chain Management and Logistics 2022

I can share my degree experience and its importance with other students. I can share my viewpoint of being a student in the university and how the university helps me to enhance my overall skill including both technical and soft skills.

Skills: I always feel confident when talking with new people. Always open to new challenges and ready to learn new things. Ability to take a logical and analytical approach to solve problems and resolving issues.

Simone Chellini – BSc Aeronautics & Astronautics 2021

I could be able to explain how the University environment works for international students interested in STEM, what our University has to offer, degree advice, and student life talks would do.

Skills: I can be a leader if the situation requires to. I have been school president at my old high school, currently president of the Italian society and coordinator for a number of companies/charities. This has allowed me to develop leadership and communication although I still need to work a lot on public speaking, especially in languages that are not my first.

Studying an MSc Aerodynamics and Computation and responsible for digital communication for the International office.

Alice Gubb – BSc Midwifery 2021

Very happy to talk about student life and halls experience, moving away from home etc.

Happy to speak to nursing/health sciences/midwifery. Open to help out with lots of things!

Skills: I am confident working with younger members of the community as I have worked with the cub scouts and as house captain at school. I am confident organising and running events and sessions due to my experience as house captain and as president of the female self defence system at Southampton university. I am good at relating feedback and opinions from others when needed, due to my time as course representative at Southampton.

Works as a qualified midwife in Southampton.

D’Arcy Geiss – LLB 2021

As a recent graduate currently based in Southampton, I am keen to share my experiences with prospective and current students, and help motivate them to reach their full potential. I would be more than happy to share my experiences on student life/societies, experience of Halls and Law.

Skills: I am always keen to take on new challenges and love being able to provide creative, innovative solutions to problems. I have acquired excellent public speaking and communication skills through completion of my Law degree, legal work placements and an array of extracurricular activities.

Worked in Careers at the University and is currently studying the LPC at the University of Law.

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