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Find below a list of our Graduate Ambassadors based in and around London. These graduates are from the years 2019, 2020 & 2021. If you’re interested in involving some of our Graduate Ambassadors for an event or activity please get in touch with

Some of our Graduates are from a Widening Participation and Social Mobility background if you are interested in involving them in a specific event please get in touch on the above email.

Leanne Chan – BSc Psychology 2021

I am open to talking about my experience as a first-generation BAME student, as well as mental health, job hunting and general university advice.

Skills: Communication, simplifying complex information, being organised and producing consistent work as showcased by my first class degree achievement.

I have also design skills from creating and designing posters and merchandise as a publicity officer.

Graduate Research executive at Ipsos Mori and previous student ambassador, youth club member and publicity officer.

Jordan Khang – MEng Mechanical Engineering 2021

Jordan Khang profile photo

I’d like to participate in student life talks, give degree advice, interview skills for summer internships and graduate schemes, manage time effectively when juggling a full-time degree, and apply for early-career roles externally.

Skills: Public speaking, communication skills, and career advice as I’ve been through that stage where I am unsure what to do with my degree.

Currently on a Graduate Scheme at Deloitte as a Banking and Capital Markets Associate.

Tasneem Bawendi – MEng Computer Science 2020

I’ve had experience in internships, having completed two and have also had two jobs since graduating I feel I am best able to help with career related activities.

Skills: Speaking to small groups, managing events, managing others and working with children (including mentoring while as School and University).

Works as a Graduate software engineer at Apple.

Vito Capone – LLB 2021

I can contribute with assisting students with degree advice such as managing their time as well as encouraging and motivating the students.

Skills: Confidence in giving talks, speaking at public events and guiding and motivating individuals.

Sapthake Santharuban – BSc Economics 2021

During my internship, I was able to work with student volunteers and disadvantaged young people in Southampton. I was able to meet and learn from many people and work on tasks, including planning activity days for young people, and creating resources for volunteers and families taking part in Branch Up.

Skills: confidence and communication, pastoral support, volunteer management, brand representation experience, knowledge in safeguarding, communication and organisation.

Since graduating, they have completed an exciting two-month internship with Southampton Hub, supporting a core project, Branch Up.

Samir Doshi – BSc Economics 2021

I’m happy to join in on any topic and engage with students at any level. As a previous SUSU trustee can advocate for trying new things and time management. As I am studying alongside my economist role I can also offer perspective on part-time study commitments. I can further talk about studying with a disability and potential impacts of disclosure.

Skills: I was effective at managing time and being organised during my degree. These skills are regularly applied during my degree. I have also developed at building working relationships and engaging with stakeholders in my job, so I can offer a view on this

Assistant economist at Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs. Also studying an economics masters apprenticeship part-time.

Orabelema Sekibo – BEng Electrical Engineering

Interested in helping with giving degree specific advice and also encourage participation in STEM related subjects. With experience of being a mentor with sixth form students.

Skills: Good organisational and time management skills due to the experience gained being on the committee at the University for the Christian society and being a mentor.

Studying a MSc in Sustainable Energy Futures at Imperial College London.

Sarah McGill – Biomedical Science 2020

I can share my experiences and give advice about making the most of your time as a Southampton student. I can discuss working alongside studies, joining societies and staying on top of your studies.

Skills: Good organisation and planning skills due to my experience as a tutor and netball captain. Strong communication skills due to my time as a student ambassador where I spoke to large groups of people. I am willing to try new things and complete tasks to the best of my ability.

Has completed a Primary PGCE at Roehampton University and worked in two south London schools and plans to volunteer in schools before starting their Early Career Teacher years.

Haopeng (Jackie) Qin – BSc Marketing with Placement 2021

I am more than happy to give advice on studying at Southampton and helping students improve their employability skills. As an international student from Asia I would like to help other international students adapt to their new environment through the sharing of my own experiences.

Skills: I have good presentation and public speaking skills. During my consulting experience, I help my clients to solve their problem by delivering help performance strategic solutions as part of team.

Currently working for a consulting company and is studying their Master degree in October.

Olivia Keegan Carr – MSci Archaeology 2021

I’d like to partake in Student life talks (inc. aspects about my degree, volunteering on societies etc) and degree advice.

Skills: I enjoy working in public outreach events and have experience communicating to various audiences, including families at events such as hands-on humanities day (2019) and the Science and engineering festival (2019). Alongside talking to prospective students at open days and applicant days (2018-2021); including doing the student life talk for archaeology at the 2019 open days.

Helena Sherman – BSc Marine Biology 2021

I am really excited to get involved in the graduate ambassador scheme, helping future graduates with job application support and general career progression advice – I have been through the process and have a lot to share! I have also thoroughly enjoyed all my previous public outreach event experiences, particularly inspiring the younger STEM generation, and look forward to helping run more events in the future.

Skills: Previous experience organising and running public engagement events for the university and various charity’s has helped me develop strong communication and leadership skills, particularly when working with youth groups. Additionally, my science degree has provided me with the skill set to tackle projects methodically and with creativity.

Works at NatureMetrics as a Junior Marine Products Manager, and is involved in analysing environmental DNA to inform biodiversity management and policy internationally.

Harikesan Baskaran – BEng Mechanical Engineering with Placement 2021

I am able to help with talks aimed a primary school student, all the way up to prospective and current students. This can vary from why you should go to university or study engineering to more specific degree/career-related advice.

Skills: I can help organise events, as I have been a voluntary coordinator for STEM competitions conducted by the Space Science and Engineering Foundation.

I am also confident taking part in public speaking events, as I hold a Level 3 Award in Communication with ‘Distinction’.

Studying MSc Engineering for International Development at UCL.

Pascal Ezeabasili – BEng Aeronautics and Astronautics 2020

I’m open to any and all volunteering opportunities.

I am also willing to do in-person volunteering based in Southampton as well as the online ones.

Skills: I am confident in my organisation skills and communication.

Works as an International Management Trainee at Kraft Heinz.

Genevieve Sybil Anatase – LLM Maritime Law 2021

I can support new and current students to adapt well to campus life by assisting at events, open day activities, offer advice on both undergraduate and graduate school experiences and expectations, amongst others. I can also assist in providing campus tours, meet and greet prospective students, families, alumni and special guests.

Skills: I possess quality leadership abilities. I have excellent interpersonal skills and a very good professional demeanour. In my young but eventful career as a lawyer, I have had to deal with all sorts of clients with diverse backgrounds, yet I have been able to cope and relate well with them, delivering well on their needs and meeting their expectations.

A postgraduate student and a Barrister and Solicitor of the Supreme Court of Ghana currently working as a Foreign Lawyer for Zeiler Floyd Zadkovich.

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