UK based Graduate Ambassadors

Find below a list of our Graduate Ambassadors based in and around the UK. These graduates are from the years 2019 to 2023. If you’re interested in involving some of our Graduate Ambassadors for an event or activity at the University, please get in touch with

Some of our Graduates are from a Widening Participation and Social Mobility background if you are interested in involving them in a specific event please get in touch on the above email.

Gian-Marco Caramelli – BSc Business Management with Placement – 2023

I want to use my knowledge and experiences to help students navigate their academic and professional journey. I am passionate about mentoring and sharing valuable insights and offering guidance on career development.

Skills: my leadership, strategic thinking, project management and work ethic.

I started my university journey with a blank CV with no experience and within the end I gained countless skills, experience, and a placement at Universal studios in their international strategy division.

I just finished my degree and looking for opportunities in strategy and consulting.

Skeet Northfield – Bachelor of Laws, LLB – 2023

I am volunteering as a Graduate Ambassador as I appreciate both how daunting university can be and how difficult it is to understand the many different ways of entering the legal sector after university.

Skills: As a live-at-home student, I feel I can give a unique take on university and I also have previous experience at Southampton Law School events so I am happy to share my thoughts and insights.

Internship with Southampton City Council – Summer 2023. Undertaking the SQE and then completing a training contract to become a solicitor

James Potter – BSc Business Management – 2022

I am able to help give advice on everything
surrounding university life to help you make
the most out of your time at the University of Southampton. I am happy to talk through
careers, university life, accommodation,
clubs/societies or anything else on your

Skills: I am a strong communicator who has
worked hard to develop public speaking
skills, I am a natural motivator and
empathetic. I can apply myself from a variety of angles including being a student, a graduate, and a friend. I have previously
worked at university events so consider
myself quite knowledgeable in that area.

Graduate Management TraineeNHS South, Central and West 

Leo Seus – BSc Business Management with Placement – 2023

I have had the benefit and tremendous value of being mentored by people who have been willing to invest their time in me. Therefore, I am volunteering as a Graduate Ambassador to give back my time, in the spirit of those who mentored me and to help individuals who also want to grow.

Skills: I can share my experiences and perspectives relating to career planning, networking, and personal growth.

Solutions Specialist in enterprise B2B sales, Microsoft

Bethany Rutland-Turnham – BA in Film Studies & Music with a Year Abroad – 2021 and MA in Global Media Management – 2022

As a Graduate Ambassador, I hope to bring advice in learning and personal growth around your university degree. I am always busy doing research and taking up new courses, which I believe is a great help to build up your personal profile for when you become an Alumni. I took part in multiple internships during my time at Southampton and I recommend any student to do the same.

Skills: I am bubbly and have great communications skills, so I am always looking to help people. I managed multiple internships during my MA degree, so managing time and expectations is something I can give advice about! My time abroad means I am skilled in giving advice to students going abroad or taking time out of their usual studies at the University of Southampton.

Marketing Assistant for GDS Instruments

Aishwarya Suharu – Mchem in Chemistry with in-house placement – 2019

I’d like to share my insights of graduating with a STEM degree and preparing for a career outside of the scientific world, by utilising the transferable skills I learnt through my time at Southampton.

Skills: I’m confident, passionate, and logical person that is great at finding problems and solutions that come my way both in professional and personal setting. And, through my years of experience, I have spoken at multiple public speaking which has strengthened my time-management and communication skills.

Co-founder and Head of Strategy at The Chaos Collective Ltd

Grace Littler – BA Modern History and Politics 2023

I enjoyed working as a Student Ambassador and would like to continue this role in a similar capacity. I lived in student halls in my first year before moving to rented accommodation for my final two years. This experience will be beneficial when participating in student life talks. As I studied for a Joint Honours degree, I feel this experience will be helpful because I divided my time between two subjects at different campuses (Avenue and Highfield).

Skills: I have good communication skills and am confident in public speaking, which will allow me to help current or prospective students.

After graduation, I will study for a Master’s in Law at Bath Spa University. I then hope to qualify as a Solicitor.      

Charlotte Cockram – MSc Oceanography 2021

I would like to be involved in activities that involve widening participation which could be activities like student life talks, mentoring or beyond. I’d also like to assist with enabling as a student who has experienced the facilities.

Skills: I am confident in public speaking from my role as a student ambassador and giving talks and presentations at schools, classed as a disabled student, can assist with enabling and other areas.

Junior Ocean Environmental Scientist at UK Hydrographic Office.

Maureen Usiagwu – MSc Operational Research and Finance 2021

I am confident in participating at Career fairs and having one-to-one sessions with students at career fairs, I can also talk at panel sessions sharing my experience and telling my story. I am confident in CV writing for students and recent graduates. I get commended on mine and have been able to assist some friends to revamp theirs.

Skills: I am a very people inclined person and over the years I’ve realized it comes easy to make people feel relaxed around me and I truly enjoy coaching and guiding people especially as it relates to career and harnessing opportunities.

Workforce Transformation Consultant at Capgemini Invent

Milo Noblet – MEng Electronic Engineering 2021

It’d be great to talk about my experience and lessons learned during my degree, as well as wider student life. Particularly around employability and networking.

Skills: I am comfortable engaging via social media with prospective and current students. I am also comfortable speaking to and teaching/training young people – mentor on university summer school, work with Arkwright scholarships trust, and cadet forces.

Electronic Engineer at BAE Systems Digital Intelligence, Gloucestershire.

Violet Phillipo – MSc Environmental Consultancy 2021

I’m happy to give general degree advice and help for chemistry, and environmental science. I have some experience with giving talks about student life, accommodation, which I’d be happy to do more of. I can help with workshops, activities, and campus tours with students.

Skills: Public speaking and adapting communication for different audiences by giving talks about Southampton and university life as a student ambassador. I have also developed skills in planning and leading workshops for young people as a volunteer at Rainbows. As a mentor, I’ve enhanced my listening and communication skills to maximise the help and support I can give.

Climate and Environmental Intern at Sightsavers.

Rachael Howe – MLang German and Spanish Linguistic Studies 2020

I would be happy to help out wherever possible, to give back to the University! I am really interested in supporting students considering higher education, as well as any promotional support for the University or anything about degree advice.

Skills: Time management and organisation are my strongest, both of which I have demonstrated through taking part in many extra-curricular activities alongside my studies, such as: being a student ambassador, completing an internship, volunteering, attending societies. In addition, I am enthusiastic, I have a positive attitude, and I am highly passionate about my subjects, all of which I strive to pass on to my students!

Full time Teacher of Modern Languages and doing a MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching at the University of Oxford. 

Josiah Kirplani – LLB Law 2021

I would be like to give advice to prospective university students about life at university, preparing for university, and choosing universities / courses, as I have been asked quite a few times to give such advice to people 1-on-1 and also in groups. I also feel that I would be suited to speaking with people at University; giving degree advice.

Skills: Confident at speaking both to large groups and individuals, as I have lots of experience in performing in front of crowds. I am motivated and hard-working, as exemplified by my strong results whilst partaking in a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Commercial pilot training.

Regina Askary – BMBS Medicine, BMedSci 2021

I can help provide support and advice about student life, managing time with studying, what applying for Medicine was like, how to make the most of your time and can share my experiences as a student.

Skills: Confident speaking about time-management, pushing myself to my limits, stress and anxiety, personal and work-life balance, adapting to change of environments and personal experiences/lessons learnt. I also feel comfortable with public speaking due to how social my university experience has been, and I am able to rephrase scenarios or explaining complex things at different levels depending on the type of communication I am using.

Foundation Doctor Year 2 at Torbay Hospital (Torbay and South Devon NHS Foundation Trust).

Somtonna Anyansi – BSc Economics 2021

I’d be able to help give degree advice, and greater insight into accommodation options as I’ve lived in a range of different ones; I have lived in university accommodation, private student accommodation, and a private house. I’d also like to give 1-1 advice and mentorship as well as talk to large groups.

Skills: Confidence in talking to small groups and large groups from my experience of working as a student ambassador for the University.

Technology Consultant at KPMG, Nigeria. 

Imogen Fry – BSc Psychology (YIE) 2021

I’m proud to be from a working-class background and I have a lot to thank the Access to Southampton scheme in gaining my position at the university and for their continuing support throughout my degree. As a Graduate Ambassador, I think would be able to offer help to students who may be from a similar background to myself and/or students with similar career aspirations to mine.

Skills: I am confident in my ability to communicate with people from all backgrounds due to my experience in hospitality facing roles and my time working in the mental health sector. I would be happy to get involved in public speaking or facilitating workshops in-person or online as I have co-facilitated psychoeducation/therapy/skills groups with colleagues as an honorary assistant psychologist.

Support Time Recovery Worker at West Early Intervention with the Psychosis Team under the Southern Health NHS Foundation Trust.

Bishoy Romani – MEng Aerospace Engineering 2019

I will be able to give good advice about student life and making the most out of your time at Uni. After all I owe all my success to the opportunities I discovered at Uni and the people I met which greatly shaped me as an individual. I can also offer some advice about networking, CVs, job applications and career choices after Uni.

Skills: Public speaking – through giving many student life talks/presentations and campus tours during my time at Uni as a Lead Student Ambassador.

Interpersonal skills – I am quite extroverted and naturally comfortable talking to anyone from any background. I also have high levels of culture awareness and I am an open/honest communicator.

Strategic Sales Account Manager at Pall Corporation. 

Eleanor Goodier – MChem Chemistry 2021

I can give advice for accommodation and student life as I’ve worked for them the last 3 years. I also can give degree and career advice as I’ve experienced the process of interviews and writing CV’s to get my job.

Skills: Experience in mentoring as part of my regular voluntary role at TheStudentRoom where I manage projects, mentor volunteers and lead initiatives on the forum! I am confident and would relish the opportunity to do more public speaking as I’ve done talks using LinkedIn within the Chemistry department.

Associate Scientist at CatSci Ltd., Cardiff.

Leanne Chan – BSc Psychology 2021

I am open to talking about my experience as a first-generation BAME student, as well as mental health, job hunting and general university advice.

Skills: Communication, simplifying complex information, being organised and producing consistent work as showcased by my first class degree achievement.

I have also design skills from creating and designing posters and merchandise as a publicity officer.

Associate Behavioural Consultant at Ipsos UK, London.

Jordan Khang – MEng Mechanical Engineering 2021

Jordan Khang profile photo

I’d like to participate in student life talks, give degree advice, interview skills for summer internships and graduate schemes, manage time effectively when juggling a full-time degree, and apply for early-career roles externally.

Skills: Public speaking, communication skills, and career advice as I’ve been through that stage where I am unsure what to do with my degree.

Senior Associate of Bankit & Capital Markets at Deloitte, London. Pursuing the ICAEW ACA Qualification.

Sapthake Santharuban – BSc Economics 2021

During my internship, I was able to work with student volunteers and disadvantaged young people in Southampton. I was able to meet and learn from many people and work on tasks, including planning activity days for young people, and creating resources for volunteers and families taking part in Branch Up.

Skills: confidence and communication, pastoral support, volunteer management, brand representation experience, knowledge in safeguarding, communication and organisation.

Southampton Programmes Manager with Student Hubs.

Samir Doshi – BSc Economics 2021

I’m happy to join in on any topic and engage with students at any level. As a previous SUSU trustee can advocate for trying new things and time management. As I am studying alongside my economist role I can also offer perspective on part-time study commitments. I can further talk about studying with a disability and potential impacts of disclosure.

Skills: I was effective at managing time and being organised during my degree. These skills are regularly applied during my degree. I have also developed at building working relationships and engaging with stakeholders in my job, so I can offer a view on this

Assistant Econometrician at Competition and Markets Authority.

Orabelema Sekibo – BEng Electrical Engineering

Interested in helping with giving degree specific advice and also encourage participation in STEM related subjects. With experience of being a mentor with sixth form students.

Skills: Good organisational and time management skills due to the experience gained being on the committee at the University for the Christian society and being a mentor.

Energy Market Analyst at AFRY, Oxford.

Haopeng (Jackie) Qin – BSc Marketing with Placement 2021

I am more than happy to give advice on studying at Southampton and helping students improve their employability skills. As an international student from Asia I would like to help other international students adapt to their new environment through the sharing of my own experiences.

Skills: I have good presentation and public speaking skills. During my consulting experience, I help my clients to solve their problem by delivering help performance strategic solutions as part of team.

Change & Business Solutions Graduate at NatWest.

Olivia Keegan Carr – MSci Archaeology 2021

I’d like to partake in Student life talks (inc. aspects about my degree, volunteering on societies etc) and degree advice.

Skills: I enjoy working in public outreach events and have experience communicating to various audiences, including families at events such as hands-on humanities day (2019) and the Science and engineering festival (2019). Alongside talking to prospective students at open days and applicant days (2018-2021); including doing the student life talk for archaeology at the 2019 open days.

Community Engagement Coordinator at Marble Hill House London, English Heritage.

Helena Sherman – BSc Marine Biology 2021

I am really excited to get involved in the graduate ambassador scheme, helping future graduates with job application support and general career progression advice – I have been through the process and have a lot to share! I have also thoroughly enjoyed all my previous public outreach event experiences, particularly inspiring the younger STEM generation, and look forward to helping run more events in the future.

Skills: Previous experience organising and running public engagement events for the university and various charity’s has helped me develop strong communication and leadership skills, particularly when working with youth groups. Additionally, my science degree has provided me with the skill set to tackle projects methodically and with creativity.

Marketing Executive at NatureMetrics, Guildford. 

Pascal Ezeabasili – BEng Aeronautics and Astronautics 2020

I’m open to any and all volunteering opportunities.

I am also willing to do in-person volunteering based in Southampton as well as the online ones.

Skills: I am confident in my organisation skills and communication.

Commercial Analyst at Kraft Heinz, London.

Genevieve Sybil Anatase – LLM Maritime Law 2021

I can support new and current students to adapt well to campus life by assisting at events, open day activities, offer advice on both undergraduate and graduate school experiences and expectations, amongst others. I can also assist in providing campus tours, meet and greet prospective students, families, alumni and special guests.

Skills: I possess quality leadership abilities. I have excellent interpersonal skills and a very good professional demeanour. In my young but eventful career as a lawyer, I have had to deal with all sorts of clients with diverse backgrounds, yet I have been able to cope and relate well with them, delivering well on their needs and meeting their expectations.

Foreign Lawyer for Zeiler Floyd Zadkovich.

Clare Macnaughton – PGCE English 2021

As a mature student and parent I have lots of life experiences and great empathy for the trials and tribulations we encounter on our journeys. I am a great listener and can offer solutions if required.

Skills: I am an energetic, self-motivated, intellectually agile, open minded individual and tenacious team player with a strategic mind, own initiative and a disciplined yet creative approach to problem solving and life execution. I left home at 18 years old, travelled the world, I have been employed, and I have been self-employed for 15 years. I am both resilient and adventurous. 

Supply Teacher and Co-Founder at Graffinity.

Joseph Crockett – MA Philosophy 2021

I can help giving degree advice and advice on extra-curricular activities. 

Skills: I am confident in taking part in public speaking events due to my education in, at both undergraduate and postgraduate level, Philosophy. Plus, I was a member of the debating society in my second year. I did a lot of volunteering at my time in Southampton, both within and outside the university, including: the student innovation programme, the Big Breakfast Initiative at Above Bar Chruch, StudentHub’s Biocycle Scheme, CAP volunteering and United Parents at Above Bar Church.

Customer Service Team Member at Starling Bank, Cardiff.

Melody Lin – MSc Digital Marketing 2019

I have experience with working, both in part-time and voluntary work while I was studying, and made use of the help provided by the University Careers Centre. I can provide career advice in marketing and studying abroad as an international student.

Skills: I am confident helping students with career advice in marketing due to my professional experience. I have good Organisation skills and follow through on processes.

Working in London as a Biddable Account Manager at Publicis Media.

Sandipan Ghosh – Master of Business Administration 2022

I have experience in internships in strategy and projects. I can provide advice for studies, career coaching, and motivation.

Skills: I am confident in speaking to people and motivating people to achieve their goals. I have skills in leadership and empathy.

Project Co-ordinator at Bechtel Corporation.

Kate Beeslee – BA History 2022

I would love to give advice on degrees and the general university experience. I believe I could give good degree advice having received a first class degree alongside working and enjoying student life.

Skills: I am confident in public speaking due to my role as Head Girl where I interacted with a range of audiences. I’m very personable due to my public facing roles as a Pharmacy Assistant and during an internship with Citizens Advice where I spoke to clients at food larders. I have exemplary time management skills and am hard working and motivated.

International Policy Advisor at UK Statistics Authority, Cardiff.

Ionut Dragomir – BSc Biochemistry 2019

During my time at the University of Southampton, I had the chance of meeting multiple graduate ambassadors. Their passion and the way they instilled this passion into the younger generation led me to pursue the career I am doing now. Therefore, I would firstly like to pay this forward by giving degree advice and also linking it to career options. I would also like to get involved in mentoring activities since I believe a good mentor can really enhance the motivation of a young student.

Skills: I am confident in communicating in both written and spoken English. I really enjoy presenting scientific topics to non-scientific audiences. My strong time management skills will help me keep on top of my activities and motivate me to achieve even more. Moreover, my flexible approach to problem-solving will help me tackle any issues that may arise.

Desislava Stamenova – MEng Software Engineering 2020

When I was a student I found it particularly helpful to speak to graduates and ask them questions about how they got to where they were and listen to their advice on achieving career goals. This is what I’m hoping I could do as a recent graduate myself – help guide students and show them a clearer path towards their goals. 

Skills: My strongest skill is my ability to listen to people and put myself in their shoes. I’ve been a mentor for a few graduates in the past 2 years and I adore hearing their stories and sharing experiences together. This has truly made me a richer person. Ultimately, what makes me good at what I do is the passion I have for both technology and sharing what I know with people.

 Software Engineer at Netlight.

Grace Lam – MEng Mechanical Engineering with Industrial Placement Year 2022

I think I will most be able to help in giving degree and career advice, and I would love to give some talks. 

Skills: I am confident giving presentations and public speaking due to my experience with Future Worlds and background in entrepreneurship.

Software Engineer at JP Morgan Chase & Co., and the Co-Founder of a start-up called AMRSS which was founded while studying at Southampton.

Aleksei Martirosov – BSc Computer Science 2022

I have learned a lot about the balance between student life and academic performance and its importance not just for your own wellbeing, but also for your future successes – if there is any experience that I went through, I’d be more than happy to describe it and give advice. I also enjoy giving talks.

Skills: I am a confident public speaker, as I’ve participated in countless different business pitches, but I am also good at speaking to individuals and mentoring them based on my experiences, as I simply enjoy talking to people. I am really adaptable with what I want to do, because my goal is to learn a variety of skills. And the best way is getting right to it, even if it requires getting out of the comfort zone. 

Software Engineer at The Trade Desk, London.

Patrick Riley – BA Philosophy and History 2021, MA Philosophy 2022

I think I will be able to help students find the right degree for them, discuss my experience with my degree, help at any open days and generally talk about student life in general. I really tried to throw myself into university, being academic reps, on committees, and getting a few part-time jobs, so I can discuss my experiences of that.

Skills: I am confident in public speaking and have had to do it for a number of open days and for my degrees. I am also good at talking to strangers so any sort of student interaction role is something I am interested in.

Pursuing a PGDip in Law from the University of Law. 

James Roper – BA Modern History and Politics 2022

As a graduate ambassador, I will be most able to help with opportunities aimed at first-generation students at the university. This is a direct result of my own experience as a first-gen student, seeking out my own information by engaging in opportunities like Ignite at university or becoming involved with the charity ‘Upreach.’ I will be able to offer advice to students who will be in the same position I was either through mentoring or through events in student life. 

Skills: My strongest skill set is my ability to talk to new people and build relationships with them. This has developed as a direct result of my time at university and the opportunities I engaged in. For example, my time as a course representative for my course required me to talk to a wide range of people on my course to gather ideas and feedback to deliver back to the department.

Pursuing an MA in History at the University of Southampton.

Limin Huang – BSc Economics and Finance with a Year in Employment 2022

I would be able to help students with job interview tips and the application process for master’s studies. I am confident that I can reach out to my communities to talk about my academic life at Southampton and what I have gained from my course.
In addition, I have also taken a one-year placement on my course, so I can share with people my working experience and the placement details.

Skills: Thanks to my academic and professional achievement, I am confident in helping with degree and interview tips.

Pursuing an MPhil in Economic Research from the University of Cambridge.

Oana Lazar – MEng Electronic Engineering with Industrial Studies 2022

I will be most able to help by giving advice regarding degree choices and employment opportunities, as well as talking about many outreach opportunities both within and beyond University.

Skills: I thrive in leadership and management roles and love encouraging teams, both within the University in my course such as during the Group Design Projects or lab exercises; within societies such as by coordinating Southampton Hub’s “Invent Plus” activity and then being Hub President; and within external outreach activities such as leading Pint of Science’s “Tech Me Out” events. I also love giving presentations ranging from sharing my team’s exciting achievements, to explaining technical concepts to both technical and non-specialist audiences, to sharing my experiences as a woman in STEM.

Embedded Software Engineer at Siemens Electronic Design Automation

Jubin Varghese – BSc Business Strategy and Innovation Management 2020

As an international student, diving into the job market and finding the best is bit more challenging at times but with proper preparation and mindset, it is easily possible as anyone else. I can advise the upcoming graduates on systematically preparing to face the job market. 

Skills: I was the academic representative during my time at the University of Huddersfield, and this opportunity helped me showcase my skills in maintaining good communication and rapport with my peers, working to problems and public speaking. I am working with one of the biggest telecom businesses in London and I can share my experience developing the soft skill that helped me navigate to this position. 

Insight Executive at Virgin Media O2 London.

Roula Al Kadamani – MA Design Management 2013, PhD in Social Capital and Economic Performance 2019

I am passionate about guiding and supporting current and prospective students in building self-confidence through public speaking and career engagements with industry. These activities provide profound interpersonal and communication skills for student career development and prospects.

Skills: I have obtained significant experience from the University of Southampton in coaching and mentoring students for successful careers.

Design Consultant in Canada.

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