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Find below a list of our Graduate Ambassadors based in and around the UK. These graduates are from the years 2020 & 2021. If you’re interested in involving some of our Graduate Ambassadors for an event or activity at the University, please get in touch with

Some of our Graduates are from a Widening Participation and Social Mobility background if you are interested in involving them in a specific event please get in touch on the above email.

Charlotte Cockram – MSc Oceanography 2021

I would like to be involved in activities that involve widening participation which could be activities like student life talks, mentoring or beyond. I’d also like to assist with enabling as a student who has experienced the facilities.

Skills: I am confident in public speaking from my role as a student ambassador and giving talks and presentations at schools, classed as a disabled student, can assist with enabling and other areas.

Gabriel Weeks – LLB Law 2021

I’m happy to share my knowledge and experiences with younger students, having done the same for years at school open days. Would also be interested in opportunities to talk with A-Level Students about either/both my course and the University of Southampton

Skills include: Organisation which I’ve consolidated during my undergraduate degree.

Milo Noblet – MEng Electronic Engineering 2021

It’d be great to talk about my experience and lessons learned during my degree, as well as wider student life. Particularly around employability and networking.

Skills: I am comfortable engaging via social media with prospective and current students. I am also comfortable speaking to and teaching/training young people – mentor on university summer school, work with Arkwright scholarships trust, and cadet forces.

An engineer at the Defence Science & Technology Laboratory (Dstl) at Porton Down after completing summer placements there previously.

Lucy Eyre – BSc Psychology 2021

I’m a friendly individual, who is happy to sit and listen or join in on any topic. I volunteered for Enabling Services for the last 2 years and worked with a huge range of students and I was able to successfully support them.

Skills: I’m confident at speaking to people and supporting them. I have experience communicating to a large range of individuals in different age ranges and different personal backgrounds.

Currently works as a SEN teaching assistant across secondary and primary schools in Dorset and has been accepted onto a Master course at Portsmouth.

Violet Phillipo – MSc Environmental Consultancy 2021

I’m happy to give general degree advice and help for chemistry, and environmental science. I have some experience with giving talks about student life, accommodation, which I’d be happy to do more of. I can help with workshops, activities, and campus tours with students.

Skills: Public speaking and adapting communication for different audiences by giving talks about Southampton and university life as a student ambassador. I have also developed skills in planning and leading workshops for young people as a volunteer at Rainbows. As a mentor, I’ve enhanced my listening and communication skills to maximise the help and support I can give.

Was a supervisor for the Smallpeice Trust, looking after small groups of students. Also a previous conversion ambassador and has mentored in online mentoring schemes with Brightside.

Eleanor Veale – BSc Psychology 2021

I would like to help take part in student life talks and provide advice on things such as optional modules, and how not to get to bogged down with the stress of extra curricular things on top of your degree. For instance, in third year when you need to start thinking about the future I think I would be good with advice on not getting too stressed.

Skills: I have good rapport when speaking to other students and professionals. Also I able to offer advice through sharing my own journey.

Currently studying a postgraduate course at the University of Bath to study forensic psychology with counselling.

Rachael Howe – MLang German and Spanish Linguistic Studies 2020

I would be happy to help out wherever possible, to give back to the University! I am really interested in supporting students considering higher education, as well as any promotional support for the University or anything about degree advice.

Skills: Time management and organisation are my strongest, both of which I have demonstrated through taking part in many extra-curricular activities alongside my studies, such as: being a student ambassador, completing an internship, volunteering, attending societies. In addition, I am enthusiastic, I have a positive attitude, and I am highly passionate about my subjects, all of which I strive to pass on to my students!

Has completed a PGCE in Modern Languages and is working as a teacher of Spanish and French and been accepted to read a MSc in Applied Linguistics for Language Teaching at the University of Oxford. She also volunteers with The Access Project which supports students from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Josiah Kirplani – LLB Law 2021

I would be like to give advice to prospective university students about life at university, preparing for university, and choosing universities / courses, as I have been asked quite a few times to give such advice to people 1-on-1 and also in groups. I also feel that I would be suited to speaking with people at University; giving degree advice.

Skills: Confident at speaking both to large groups and individuals, as I have lots of experience in performing in front of crowds. I am motivated and hard-working, as exemplified by my strong results whilst partaking in a variety of extra-curricular activities.

Works in a commercial flight school.

Regina Askary – BMBS Medicine, BMedSci 2021

I can help provide support and advice about student life, managing time with studying, what applying for Medicine was like, how to make the most of your time and can share my experiences as a student.

Skills: Confident speaking about time-management, pushing myself to my limits, stress and anxiety, personal and work-life balance, adapting to change of environments and personal experiences/lessons learnt. I also feel comfortable with public speaking due to how social my university experience has been, and I am able to rephrase scenarios or explaining complex things at different levels depending on the type of communication I am using.

Has started their medical foundation training at Torbay Hospital in Torquay and will rotate specialties every 4 months in South Devon for the next two years.

Somtonna Anyansi – BSc Economics 2021

I’d be able to help give degree advice, and greater insight into accommodation options as I’ve lived in a range of different ones; I have lived in university accommodation, private student accommodation, and a private house. I’d also like to give 1-1 advice and mentorship as well as talk to large groups.

Skills: Confidence in talking to small groups and large groups from my experience of working as a student ambassador for the University.

Imogen BSc – Psychology (YIE) 2021

I’m proud to be from a working-class background and I have a lot to thank the Access to Southampton scheme in gaining my position at the university and for their continuing support throughout my degree. As a Graduate Ambassador, I think would be able to offer help to students who may be from a similar background to myself and/or students with similar career aspirations to mine.

Skills: I am confident in my ability to communicate with people from all backgrounds due to my experience in hospitality facing roles and my time working in the mental health sector. I would be happy to get involved in public speaking or facilitating workshops in-person or online as I have co-facilitated psychoeducation/therapy/skills groups with colleagues as an honorary assistant psychologist.

Has previously worked as an honorary assistant psychologist and currently works at the West Early intervention in Psychosis team as a support time recovery worker.

Bishoy Romani – MEng Aerospace Engineering 2019

I will be able to give good advice about student life and making the most out of your time at Uni. After all I owe all my success to the opportunities I discovered at Uni and the people I met which greatly shaped me as an individual. I can also offer some advice about networking, CVs, job applications and career choices after Uni.

Skills: Public speaking – through giving many student life talks/presentations and campus tours during my time at Uni as a Lead Student Ambassador.

Interpersonal skills – I am quite extroverted and naturally comfortable talking to anyone from any background. I also have high levels of culture awareness and I am an open/honest communicator.

Went from sales engineer to Strategic Sales Account Manager after 20 months of working at Pall. Also works part time on weekends as a bartender or supervisor.

Eleanor Goodier – MChem Chemistry 2021

I can give advice for accommodation and student life as I’ve worked for them the last 3 years. I also can give degree and career advice as I’ve experienced the process of interviews and writing CV’s to get my job.

Skills: Experience in mentoring as part of my regular voluntary role at TheStudentRoom where I manage projects, mentor volunteers and lead initiatives on the forum! I am confident and would relish the opportunity to do more public speaking as I’ve done talks using LinkedIn within the Chemistry department.

Works as a scientist in a pharmaceutical company, CatSci Ltd, in Cardiff.

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