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Alumni delivered presentations and networked with prospective students at events in China this March.

Members of the Shanghai and Beijing alumni branches volunteered their time to speak with prospective students at events recently. Keynote speakers delivered five-minute presentations on their experiences at the University of Southampton and how their time studying at Southampton has influenced and assisted their career so far.

Topics included: their experiences of the UK, including Southampton and Winchester; the differences in culture between the UK and China; the course and programme they studied; the friends they made; and the academics that taught them.

Kaiyang Liu (MSc Wireless Communications, 2012), President of the Beijing Branch said:

”The event is great to build connections among alumni, prospective students, and the University. Leaving home and studying abroad is often difficult for Chinese students, with differences in culture, study method and language. Alumni shared their advice on how to make a smooth start in life to set them up for success in Southampton. A WeChat group was created at the event, so alumni can continually support offer holders. We look forward to more offer holders joining us next year.”

In total, 24 volunteers from the two branches took part in these events. Chris Shank, Volunteer Officer for the Office of Development and Alumni Relations says:

“Alumni branches are instrumental in recruiting students to the University. They help demonstrate to prospective students that alumni are life-long members of the Southampton community. Then if they decide to study at Southampton, even after they graduate and leave campus, Southampton never leaves them.”

If you are interested in volunteering to help support and advance the University, please email Chris on C.M.Shank@southampton.ac.uk

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