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James Sale FRSA (PGCE, 1979) is celebrating the recent publication of his book Mapping Motivation.

James says: “Following my PGCE at the University of Southampton I had a successful career in teaching, leaving it after two stints as a deputy head teacher in two comprehensive schools in 1995. Since then, I have been in the management consultancy and training business. Ten years ago I created Motivational Maps, a unique diagnostic that is now licensed to over 250 management consultants in 14 countries, and in seven languages. Mapping Motivation is a cutting-edge text containing new and original research and ideas about motivation and performance.”

For more information about the book, visit the publisher’s website

Mapping Motivation by James Sale & The Summertime Blues by Christopher Beck

Christopher Beck (Chris Cuthbert, MA Creative writing, 2010) has written a novel, The Summertime Blues. He describes the plot and his inspiration.

“The Summertime Blues is a millennial novel that taps an American perspective.

Nick, an alternative family physician in his forties, is increasingly at odds with the business-style NHS, his partners and his profession. Aside from his own, he’s concerned about “the big future” – he has visions of a return to a medical dark age. A poor man’s Hamlet, he knows something big but can’t or won’t get his message out.

Despite – or because of – a hearing defect, Nick has become a ‘voice connoisseur’ and falls for Greta’s lyrical mezzo. She is a bluestocking; a teacher who encourages Nick’s unconventional methods. But her mind is returning to the instability that plagued her twenties.

Time in the novel takes a circular course and the reader is transported back to summer 1997. Greta is edging towards a major breakdown and Nick’s job is on the line.

Enter Steph, Greta’s sister from Ohio. Both she and Nick bring to bear their aeons-apart approaches to Greta’s problems, and to life in general. In doing so they underscore the novel’s principal leitmotif – the accommodation between the physical and the spiritual.

For me, ideas and inspiration come from interfaces; for example, those between Western and Eastern philosophies, and between British and American perceptions. I believe the setting of the novel (Southampton and the South Coast) is a rich but largely unchartered territory for literary fiction.”

Douglas Bamford (BA Philosophy, 2003) has published his book Rethinking Taxation: An Introduction to Hourly Averaging, introducing a new proposal for calculating personal tax by taking account of the number of hours people have worked in their adult lives. The book is available from Amazon


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