Photo Competition

This charming picture of a group of childhood friends outside Glen Eyre Halls in 1954 was recently sent in to the University, alongside a 21st century recreation of the scene. The group, who reunited after more than 60 years, knew each other through their fathers who worked for the University in the 1950s.

Mead Chalmers 1954

Henry Mead, 67, from Kent, and sisters Hilary Chalmers MacLeod, 65, and Frances Chalmers Shaughnessy, 67, who both live in Canada, came back to Southampton in 2015 to recreate the shot. The photo in 1954 shows Henry, aged about six, in his Oakmount School blazer, Frankie holding a Union Jack flag, aged 7, and Hilary, aged five.

Mead Chalmers 2015

Frankie and Hilary’s father Bruce Chalmers was the University bursar and Henry’s father Major Harold Mead was the warden of Glen Eyre Hall.

Shortly after the picture was taken, the Chalmers emigrated to Canada, returning for a short time in 1957, before they lost contact.

Last year, Henry found Hilary, a successful murder mystery author, through an internet search and on a visit to Canada, he met up with them both.

Henry said: “We were delighted when we managed to trace each other. We all had very fond memories of our friendship. Being so young, I just thought I’d see them again soon when I was told they were moving away.”

“It was quite easy to replicate the picture,” Henry added. “It hasn’t changed much, except a pond that we were standing next to in the early photo no longer exists.”

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