Annual Giving

Every year our student fundraisers are involved in telephone appeals, calling our alumni to speak to you about your time at Southampton. These calls are also an excellent way to make our alumni aware of the many different ways in which you can become further involved through opportunities such as volunteering, attending reunion events, participating in our student careers programmes and giving to one of our many philanthropic fundraising campaigns.

Our Student Fundraisers are some of the most passionate advocates of the work being done at the University.

Oreofe has been a part of the Student Fundraiser Team at the University for the last year, encouraging our alumni to donate towards opportunities such as the University’s campaign for the Centre for Cancer Immunology as well as scholarships and bursaries for our best and brightest students, support for student-led projects and funding for our world-leading research and teaching facilities. We spoke to Oreofe about what she loves working on the student calling team.

I enjoy being a student fundraiser because I get to speak to lots of new people over the phones. The alumni often have lots of interesting stories and few precious words of wise advice which I have found both entertaining and useful. Unlike any of my previous jobs, fundraising for the University can feel like networking and making new contacts with alumni who I can often find something in common with. It is fulfilling to know that the work that we do as a team is going towards such a worthy cause as the campaign for the Centre for Cancer Immunology and this also encourages our alumni to stay in touch with the University and join us in our fight against cancer.

I really enjoy speaking to new people and hearing the different experiences that people had at the University and in the city I know so well. The alumni can be so friendly and encouraging; it is often easy to rebuild the relationship between an alumnus and the University and have fun while doing it.

I have used and developed several skills in the role, such as organisation, administration, communication and computer skills. I also get the opportunity to speak to people who have been through what I have been through and come out successful on the other side. I get to speak to people who did my course and even people who are on my desired career path, and as such I have gained valuable insight into what I should expect, tips that I can use and mistakes I should avoid when preparing for a career after graduation.

The three Strategic Funds have a visible effect on the University, with the purchase of physical items such as new buildings and a 3D printer for the Engineers, and an audible effect through the Student Support fund or those individuals who seek financial help. More recently as the campaign for the Centre for Cancer Immunology has gained momentum it has been encouraging to see how much money we have raised over the phones and through our advertisement of the cause. Reading the stories of cancer survivors it is easy to imagine how many other survivors there will be as a result of the campaign.

We understand that the relationship you hold with the University is a special one and this is why we aim to conduct our telephone appeals to the highest form of integrity possible. As well as calling to help you become more involved as an alumnus, our student fundraisers and the University, are generally interested in hearing what your University experience was like and what you’ve gone on to do after leaving Southampton.

Our next telephone campaign starts in mid-October. If you get a call from one of our student fundraisers, make sure to tell them a bit about what you enjoyed most about studying at Southampton and what you have gone on to do. They are always fascinated to hear your stories.

If you would prefer not to receive a phone call, please email to opt-out.


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