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At the University of Southampton, we’re making connections and changing the world.


Through our world-leading research and enterprise activities we connect with businesses to create real-world solutions to global issues. Through our educational offering, we work with partners around the world to offer relevant, flexible education, which trains students for jobs not even thought of. This connectivity is what sets us apart from the rest; we make connections and change the world.

From preventing the spread of hospital superbugs with copper, to using mobile phone data to eradicate malaria, our researchers are constantly making unexpected connections in order to tackle some of the major issues facing society. But we want to uncover more of these unexpected connections and give a voice to all the work that is taking place in our University, whether that is related to research, education or enterprise.

We want to build and instil pride in our community and ensure that we collectively know about our successes and the amazing work that is taking place here every day. We want to know about the connections you have to Southampton. Perhaps you completed an internship last year as part of the University’s Excel Placement Programme, or you’re volunteering to make the student experience better with SUSU.

If you’re working or studying at the University, we want to hear from you. Tweet @unisouthampton your connections using #weareconnected

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