Class notes – Reunions


Rob Ballantyne comments on a reunion from over 50 years.

“A group of us, mainly engineers, mathematicians and social scientists, realised recently that amazingly it was half a century since we all first met at Southampton in 1964. So we arranged to revisit old haunts and see how things had changed (obviously we hadn’t changed). We did a tour of the campus – we recognised a few bits of it – and a boat trip round the docks, which appear to be significantly devoted to importing cars and exporting scrap metal. We revisited some of the pubs that we used to frequent, and caught up with what had happened to us between graduation and retirement. It was great to renew old friendships, and we would be delighted to hear from others from that time if they would like to get in touch.”



Standing, left to right:

David Griffiths, Bernard Kemp, John Hollis, Alan Gibbons, Geoff Rogers, Judy Rowland, Tim Rowland, Rob Gedde, John Turner, Tony Bark, Bob Fleetwood


Les Adams, Rob Ballantyne


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