Report highlights University’s economic and social impact

Economic Impact Report Launch Event
University presented its economic and social impact report in Parliament

A report from BiGGAR Economics has shown the significant economic and social impact that the University has locally, regionally and nationally. The report shows that in 2012/13 the University supported economic activity of more than £2bn in the UK and more than 26,540 jobs. In addition, for each £1 in income received from funding bodies, public and private sources, it generated £4.39, reflecting an impressive return on investment for the UK economy.

There are also significant impacts that are not quantifiable in the same way, such as the improvements in survival and quality of life for 14,000 lymphoma sufferers resulting from Southampton research, or the support for the maritime sector, which contributes a turnover of £17bn to the economy.

The University drives economic impact through its partnership with businesses and the public sector. At any one time, it works with over 1,000 external organisations, including over 150 international businesses such as Rolls-Royce, Microsoft, IBM and Airbus, who have chosen the University as a key partner for their research and development.

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