Class notes – Marriages

Emma Westwell – (Advanced diploma in Nursing (Adult), 2010) married David Stone (MA Mathematics, 2011) on 6th July 2014.


Emma and David met in the first year of university in 2006 when they were living in the same hall block in Montefiore. They have lived together ever since. Fellow alumna Becka Atkins (Mathematics, 2009) was the maid of honour at the ceremony held at the Solent Hotel in Whitely.


David Corck-Adelman (BSc Psychology 2005; MSc Research Methods in Psychology 2007; PhD Cognitive Psychology 2011) married Shauna Ellis (BSc Psychology 2005; PGCE Primary Education 2006) on 18th October 2014.


Claire Fryer (nee Green) BSc Psychology 2005

Oliver Fryer BSc Management 2005

Jen Lee Yuk Cheung (nee Ashley) BSc Psychology 2003; PGCE Primary Education 2006

Alex Lee Yuk Cheung (not sure of his degree!)

Peter Barnes MSc Electrical Engineering 2006

Jenny Ludford BSc Psychology 2005

Sam Sargant BSc Management 2005

Rebecca Goddard BSc Management 2005

Leonie Faulmann BSc Psychology 2005; PGCE Primary Education 2006

Luci Wright BA English and History 2005; PGCE Primary Education 2006

Chris Samways BSc Biology 2003

Katie Samways (nee Sibley) BSc Psychology 2005




Stephen Michael Evans (BA Geography 2004, MA Urban Economy and Culture 2005) married Rosemary Diana Howell (BA Fine Arts, Queensland University of Technology, Brisbane, Australia) at St Martin-in-the-Fields Church, Trafalgar Square, London on Saturday 4th October 2014 at 12.30pm, with a reception held afterwards at Hotel Russell, Russell Square, London.

A number of Southampton graduates attended both the service and reception; Stephen was also delighted to have one of his former Southampton classmates as one of his two best men and three others as ushers. Stephen and Rosemary currently live in London but remain in touch with many of Stephen’s former classmates and continue to visit Southampton.

Gemma Louise Broadbridge (BA Archaeology 2006) married Ian Hanson (BA Archaeology 1990) on the 10th August 2014 at Penshurst Place, Kent.

Also attending were James Meek and Emma Jones, Joseph Partridge, Samuel Thom, Nathaniel Norgren, Colonel David Wakefield OBE (all BA Archaeology 1990), Graeme Rayner (BA History 1990), Maria Rayner (nee Shepherd) (BA English 1990) and Jeremy Boot (BA Geography 1990).

Ian and Gemma live in Sarajevo, Bosnia and Herzegovina, where he works as Deputy Director of Forensic Science for Archaeology and Anthropology for The International Commission on Missing Persons (ICMP) at their headquarters. Gemma works with him undertaking research and field work.

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